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Does Tattoo Hurt or Not

This is the most frequent asked question when having a tattoo. And the answer is YES.

Since having tattoo is to use a needle to poke at you, so it definitely hurts. Yet, how much does a tattoo hurts is still case-by-case.


Above is a picture about the tattoo’s pain level from the Internet. According to the picture, it is noticed that tattooing on the chest hurt the most. Besides the chest, other parts of the body, such as joint, the back of your joint are the places that are sensitive and cause discomfort while having tattoos.

Tattoo means using a needle to prick your skin repeatedly, however, the pain is bearable due to the needle only injects to your skin within 1-2 millimeter. Therefore, tattoo might not be as hurt as an injection.


Is anesthetic applicable for tattoo?

The answer is yes, but according to Taiwanese Pharmacist Regulation, only licensed pharmacist can apply anesthetic.

Even though you can use anesthetic before having a tattoo, the type of anesthetic is similar to Xylocaine jelly, so you have to wait 20-30 minutes for its effect. Also, the anesthetic can last approximate half an hour to 2 hours. In addition, sensitive skin types might affect the coloring process.

From Kay:
It is interesting that even the left and right side of your body might react differently to the pain.


Translate by Zena Cheng

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