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You have a difficult time picking the style of your tattoo? STYLEUP recommends this Korean style hipster tattoo for you! Girls love this pure tone without looked distant.

Flowery Tattoos

Image credit: Pinterest

Unlike the impression of wildness and sexiness given the stereotype of tattoos, the flowery tattoos make you a Mori girl! You are as elegant as the tiny flowery tattoos. Don’t miss it if you are a hipster!

Planetary Tattoos

Image credit: Pinterest

Use some simple geometry to create adorable planetary tattoos! They make you look innocent and childlike, just like the pure style of Korean girls. The planetary tattoos are the most popular tattoos in Korea!

Tiny Animal Tattoos

Image credit: Pinterest

This kind of tattoos brings out the style of Mori and hipster girls. Seeing them makes you feel a sense of forest, and you can feel that the girls own the tattoos are natural and pure.

Don’t you like the Korean hipster style tattoos above? No wonder people say inking is addictive- every tattoo is so adorable and it makes you want to have them all!

Translated by Patricia L.

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