Want a tattoo but have no idea what to ink? The zodiac sign is many people’s choice when it comes to first tattoo. People seldom regret inking their zodiac sign on the body. Join the zodiac sign tattoo club if you don’t have one! Are you an Aries? Come check our choices of tiny tattoos for Aries!

About Aries:
They do their best when dealing with everything. Aries-born has a strong sense of justice and desire for taking action yet is impatient and impulsive sometimes. Aries-born have high tolerance, strong will and ambition. Once they are determined to do something, they will achieve it no matter what it takes. As people of freedom, ambition and adventure, they don’t like to be confined. They are effective, active and confident action takers with passion, optimism who are willing to take responsibility. They are loyal people who are not afraid of challenge or power.
Come on Aries, use your creativity on the astrology or words!
The astrology created by simple lines and dots looks so gorgeous especially when it’s on sexy spot such as upper chest, ribs or collarbones!
No more words about tat on the back-neck, just cute and sexy! It’s really attractive when you flip your hair! Either the symbol or a colorful depiction is a good choice!
Why not give watercolour tattoo a try if you have strong personality?
Combining the astrology with stars and words is suitable for sweet girls as well as girls who has her own thought! It’s simple yet detailed and delicate!
Attention! Here are flowery tattoos that definitely worth trying!
It’s a little bit embarrassed to ink the astrology on the inner side of upper arms… but it’s nice to show it in an understated way!
Aries, ink a ram! Combining the flowery and geometry to make a beautiful mark on your ankle!

Are you interested, Aries? Or invite your Aries friends to read this!

Translated by Patricia L.

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