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Still thinking about how to wear Pantone colour of 2017: Greenery? Put it on your finger tips to be on trend! STYLEUP collects four kinds of Greenery gel nail for you that you can easily wear.

Geometric Greenery

Image credit: Pinterest

Triangles, dots, lines form a simple geometry. It looks simple while stylish when Greenery meets clear gel nail!

Animated Greenery

Image credit: Pinterest

It will not be abrupt if you put Aliens or Michael Wazowski, the representative of Greenery, on your nails! You can’t resist making them gel nails!

Flowery Greenery

Image credit: Pinterest


Greenery belongs to the Mother Nature. It can be the best background to bring out the beauty of flowers and trees. Let the flowers blossom on your finger tips!

Ombré Greenery

Image credite: Pinterest


Anything that is blended with at least two colours to create ombré effect is very popular now, and gel nail is no exception. The gradient with blurred lines is so fancy that will win many girls’ heart!

Do you have positive thoughts about this Greenery after you view the Greenery gel nails above?

It’s not hard to wear Greenery on you, why not put the lively colour on your finger tips?

Translated by Patricia L.

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