As a makeup artist, many people often ask me, how large should the smudge be, how long should the eyeliner be? To be honest, there is no correct answer for this. For instance, merely a small change on your eyeliner will present a varied look at your eyes. For this issue, StyleUp invites Vicky, a professional makeup artist to share 10 eyeliners tutorial to our readers.

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Inner eyeliner

Dropped eyeliner- to make your eyes look innocent

Extend the stroke on both upper and bottom eyeliner to present a glamorous look

Draw a thinner stroke on both of your upper and lower lash line

Draw a bit longer line on the inside corner of your eye

Vintage style eyeliner- winged upper lash line

Basic eyeliner- a slightly winged upper lash line

Draw both upper and bottom eyeliner

A different style of eyeliner!

After these ten eyeliner tutorials, I hope everyone can create his or her own style of eyeliner, instead of following the latest makeup trend or keep having the same makeup; I encourage everyone to present a unique look at yourself.

Translate by Zena Cheng

Vicky has 18 years of experience as a makeup artist; she uses an artistic perspective to discover the beauty of a woman. Also, Vicky utilizes the variation between color and shadow to present an exquisite and fantasy makeup on a woman.

Besides cooperating with fashion magazines, recently, Vicky also held makeup courses to share beauty information with everyone.

Vicky Lin

Professional Makeup Artist