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– Top Ten Best Day Spa 2011 by ‘Asia Spa’, leading spa & well-being magazine
– Best Day Spa 2009 by ‘Living in Thailand’, Reader’s Choice
– Top Ten Best Day Spa 2008 by ‘Asia Spa’, leading spa & well-being magazine

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If you are only looking for vibrant atmosphere and excited nightlife in Bangkok, then you might miss the slowness of the city- the releasing massage. With the traditional Ayurveda culture and the respect of nature, Divana Spa combines both the elements to become one of the most famous high standard spas in Thailand.

Real Thai Massage

It is interesting that Divana Spa was founded by the ex fight attendant of Swiss International Airlines, which is because while layover in the Switzerland, thermal bath made them forget the tough part of the work and release their body and soul. Moreover, with the admiration of Thai Buddhist philosophy, these attendants established the Divana Spa. 2001, the spa first store was located in a 50 years old Thai style building in central Bangkok. After years of hard working, the spa now had 5 branches and received thousands of awards from the media.

Founded by ex flight attendants

Body, mind and soul were all originated from the nature, so embrace the natural environment is the concept of the Divana Spa. All the branch stores were located in a traditional Thai style house, and the sound of drifting water, the aroma of flower all made the place is like a wonderland. Besides this, the massage product, which the Divana Spa used, are natural, organic and eco-friendly.

Ayurveda medical concept

The masseuse of the spa was all-skilled with the Ayurveda medical concept (the term means life science), which is a combination of massage, herb and yoga therapy to make your body become harmonious with the nature.

Apart from the traditional therapy, the spa also has some innovative treatment for their guests: such as 2011, the store released a natural anti-aging service, “Champagne Mango” treatment (a lavish experience starts with chamomile and fresh mile compress, then use tangerine and turmeric scrub. Afterwards, apply mango’ s enzyme and red algae collagen to tighten your skin, lastly, an antioxidant age-defying champagne massage to complete the course.)

Champagne Mango Treatment


Ayurvedic Rose Glamour療程

“Ayurvedic Rose Glamour (a specialized treatment for honeymooner, which use the gum honey scrub and herbal steam first, then massage with rose quartz and bathe in glamour milk).”


8 weeks of training + yearly recurrent test

It is not an easy job to become a masseuse at Divana Spa, the co-founder- Khun Rose graduated from the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University. She blended her professional educational background and flight attendant experience to design a special 8-week training course for the masseuse; moreover, each year all the therapists have to pass the recurrent test to assure they can offer the superior service to the customer.

Own spa products and perfume

Over these years, Divana Spa not only promotes the brand, but also introduces the traditional Thai massage to the world. The spa presents the concept of a perfect lifestyle, and they started to cooperate with many 5-star hotel. Also, they even had their own spa related and skin care products to provide to the top-level customer, and released their perfume “Amrita Jasmine Eau De Cologne.”

To keep up with the world, Divana Spa now is very passionate to promote the online platform, so customer around the world can enjoy their service more easily. As the saying “faster the world goes, slower the heart goes,” the slow movement that Divana Spa provides is what we need.

Translated by Zena Cheng

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