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Professional barber shop in Taiyuan, which provides haircut service for men.
No.23, Heping St., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan


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With a gorgeous sign, the retro MG Barber Parlor located on Heping Street, near Chungli train station at Taoyuan City. Before entering, our editors were attracted by the motorcycle inside the window and the antique interior. David, the founder of the barber who wears a biker jacket with jeans greeting us with his proud slicked back hair.

“We want everything to be perfect”

“The mirror sets you saw were designed by myself and then handmade, also, the cropper tables were customized,” explained by David. Exquisite mirror set with carved pattern and vintage barber chair take us back to the decades. Next to the mirrors are long wooden females dressing tables with yellow light bulb decorations made our editors feel like in the past 50’s Hollywood celebrity dressing room.

Even though there is less female customer, but MG Barber can still provide haircut, perm and hair-dying services for them. Since David demands a high expectation to the shop, he even choose the floor’s pattern carefully, which the floor were consisted of half wooden and half tiles.


Taught by the Vidal Sassoon’s hair salon, David had years of professional hair styling experiences. Before the MG Barber, he opened a salon called “M-Garden” on the Heping Street, which was decorated with loft style. From 2004, David was fascinated with motorcycle and American culture, so he starts to explore the wide-range difference of men’s hairstyle via videos and magazines. “Since 2 or 3 years ago, celebrities (men’s) from the carpet begin to have this classical hairstyle, which they belonged only to the older generation in the past. Nowadays, many young people like hairstyles such as slicked hair, side swept and quiff hair,” said by David. MG Barber Parlor has three male and three female hair designers trained by David so that they can not only do the traditional hairstyle but also mix with modern elements (such as perm) perfectly.

David was cutting hair for a customer


But the hair does not completely end after cutting, David emphasized that Asian’s hair texture are harder and more flat than the Westerner, therefore, it is important to fix your hair properly. Here’s the tutorial shared by David, “Firstly, make sure your hair is wet, then use the dyer to dry your hair as fluffy as you prefer. Last, it is better to trim your twice a month.”

The shelf for pomade


Now, let’s talk about pomade. At first, most people use “Reuzel (a.k.a. blue pomade),” which was a well-known product produced by Dutch salon Schorem (they had 50 years of experiences in men’s hairstyle). However, this oil-based pomade is hard to clean so MG Barber uses water-based American “Suavecito,” Taiwanese “Casual,” and Japanese “Moon Eyes” instead. “Suavecito” is best for styling and had a marijuana (extract) smell; “Moon Eyes” is suitable for thin hair type. “Casual” best functions are anti-moisture and the thick texture; also, with cologne smell and affordable price made it the most popular in the store.

While asking David’s favorite men’s fashion icon, he quickly replied, “Jude Law, even he’s going bold LOL, and Jean Reno is handsome as well. Oh, I also like Mickey Rourke, which I wish to have his long hair.” Besides clothing and hairstyle, we can deeply feel David’s enthusiasm to the MG Barber Parlor from his eye; maybe personal charm starts from a positive working attitude and a persisting lifestyle.

Mg Barber Price List

Men & Women haircut (including wash): minimum 600 NTD

Men & Women hair dying (including cut and wash): minimum 1800 NTD

Men & Women hair perming (including cut and wash): minimum 1800 NTD

Men & Women hair treatment (including cut and wash): minimum 1100 NTD

(The price will change based on designer’s evaluation)

M-Garden Price List

Based on designer’s evaluation

Translate by Zena Cheng


Phone: 03 280 6000
Address:No.23, Heping St., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan
Opening hours:Sunday to Monday10:30 – 18:00
Tuesday to Satuday: 10:30 – 20:00



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