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Cosmetic tattooing has been a trend for not only saving you much time on putting makeup but making you look good even without makeup. However, the aftercare is of great importance or the colour fades away soon. What’s worse is getting infection!


1/ Avoid Water On the Wound in 3-5 Days

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It’s very important so that you won’t get the treatment area infected!

If you need to wash your face, clean the area gently with cotton pad or gauze. Ask your cosmetic tattooist for the exact time because everyone has different suggestion.

2/ It Is Prone to Swell & Pain the First 3 Days

You can use pain reliever to reduce the discomfort.

3/ Keep Applying the Ointment Until the Scab Falls

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4/ Never Pick the Crust

Even if you feel itchy or unpleasant with the crust, you need to let it come off by itself. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money by causing the pigment loss or uneven!

5/ Need A Touchup?

It’s suggested that the touchup be done after a month. You need some time to see if the pigment is enough. Also, you need to let the wound heal before the touchup!

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6/ Pick the Eyeliner Style

Most people choose to ink natural inner eyeliner because it can make you look great without makeup. Even if you want to put some special makeup, the inner eyeliner doesn’t affect it.

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The natural-looking eyeliner is so gorgeous!

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7/ The Eyeliner Tattooing Is Not Permanent

It lasts about 2-3 years with the line getting thinner and the pigment getting lighter. You can get a touchup if you think the pigment is not enough.

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Embrace your natural eyes without makeup after having this eyeliner tattoo!

Translated by Patricia L.