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Category: Tattoo Knowledge

How Does a Tattoo Price


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The Best Part of Body You Can Get Your Tattoos

You must think twice before deciding what part of body to get your tattoos whether you are a tattoo virgin or veteran- after all, tattoo is something that stays forever. The tattoo only perfectly shows your personality when it’s on the right place. Let’s see where to get your tattoos to draw people’s attention!

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Tattoo- How Much Does It Hurt? Where It Hurts The Most?

基本上這算是每個初次刺青的人的必備問題了。答案是「當然會!」畢竟拿針在你身上戳啊戳的,怎麼可能不會痛呢?但每個人的痛覺神經和敏感度都不太相同,所以痛覺的部分還是看個人體質囉!有些女孩可以刺胸口到睡著,有些女孩刺手臂會哭喊,很多時候其實沒有個基準。但還是有個大概的範圍可以讓我們去推測一下∼Does Tattoo Hurt or Not
This is the most frequent asked question when having a tattoo. And the answer is YES.
Since having tattoo is to use a needle to poke at you, so it definitely hurts. Yet, how much does a tattoo hurts is still case-by-case.

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Tips for Tattoo care

For tattoo newbie, there are always some concerns exist, questions such as can I have a tattoo during period, is it okay that I go to hot spring after I had tattoo, maybe I should get drunk before having tattoo so I wouldn’t feel the pain often appeared. Below are some tips about before/after getting tattooed, which are shared by tattoo artist Kay Yang.

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Stories Behind Tattoo

Many people had asked me the reason to have tattoos, as a tattoo artist, I regard tattoo as a totem to memorize thing happened around you at the moment. Besides meaningful tattoo pattern, many tattoos belong to a thing that occurred immediately and triggered your deep feeling so you want to keep it as a mark or a tattoo.

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