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How Does a Tattoo Price


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[The Zodiac Tattoos Collection] Aries

Want a tattoo but have no idea what to ink? The zodiac sign is many people’s choice when it comes to first tattoo. People seldom regret inking their zodiac sign on the body. Join the zodiac sign tattoo club if you don’t have one! Are you an Aries? Come check our choices of tiny tattoos for Aries!

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The Korean Hipster Style Tattoos! You’ll Love the Pure Look of Them

You have a difficult time picking the style of your tattoo? STYLEUP recommends this Korean style hipster tattoo for you! Girls love this pure tone without looked distant.Unlike the impression of wildness and sexiness given the stereotype of tattoos, the flowery tattoos make you a Mori girl! You are as elegant as the tiny flowery tattoos. Don’t miss it if you are a hipster!

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Girls’ Favorite: Tiny Finger Tattoos in Place of Rings

手指刺青越來越多人勇於嘗試,超適合女生,搭配纖細的手指,何需戒指、何需手環,手指就被妝點的超美!各種自信文字、線條、幾何圖形、花草、大樹的刺青,多種風格、圖案任你選擇,最能代表自身宣言,就屬手指刺青啦!Finger tattoos are growing more popular and they especially suit slender fingers of girls, then you don’t need rings or bracelets to decorate your fingers! From words of encouragement, simple lines to tattoos of geometry, flowers or trees, there are plenty styles and designs you can choose. And finger tattoo is the one you can speak your own personality!

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