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Singapore- True Eyelash Beauty

Eyebrow tattoo and eyelash extensions are like girls secret tips to become beautiful, therefore, stores in Taiwan, where provide these services had turned into popular among girls. For this issue, StyleUp went to Singapore to interview True Eyelash Beauty, a store that offers a Taiwanese eyebrow tattoo technique for Singaporean.

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【Recommended eyelash extensions studio in Singapore】My Sassy Lashes, Based on latest Japanese eyelash extensions technique, provide you the latest style with high-quality lash extensions

Eyelash extensions comes in various styles and designs just like makeup and hairstyling. My Sassy Lashes, a famous eyelash extensions studio in Singapore, have sassy eyelash style just like their shop name. This studio introduces latest Japanese eyelash extensions technique into Singapore which not only make the ladies feel surprised but also the men!

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Zodiac Sign- Taurus Makeup Artist Sam’s Sunglasses –StyleUp

You might think makeup artist Sam looks cool and quite, but in fact, he’s humorous and interesting guy. For this issue, StyleUp will introduce Sam’s OOTD to our readers. If you’re a makeup lover, you might be familiar with Sam, who often cooperates with many celebrities as their makeup artist and appears on the TV show, magazine and cosmetic events.

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