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Category: Caring

(補英)THE BODY SHOP杏奶花蜜 滋養你的肌膚和敏感肌說掰掰

THE BODY SHOP杏奶花蜜滋養沐浴保養系列,針對身體敏感性肌膚量身打造,蘊含西班牙有機甜杏仁油、雨林花叢的野生蜂蜜、乳油木果油及甘油等天然美肌成份,不添加可能引起過敏反應的化學色素、礦物油及凡士林,滋養同時修護肌膚,使肌膚宛如牛奶般細緻光滑柔嫩,再現健康的光澤美肌。

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Korean Makeup Trend: A.H.C Eye Cream -StyleUp

While looking at the latest skin care products, StyleUp editor found this popular A.H.C eye cream unintentionally and realized it can really help to remove eye wrinkles after using it. A.H.C belongs to Carver Korea, which is a high-end professional Korean beauty brand. Their concept is to enjoy the same beauty salon experience at home, and it’s the combination of natural and medical cosmetics so sensitive skin type and pregnant women can use it.

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