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5 Best Hair Mist for a Perfect Date

Girls, imagine you just had hot pot with your boyfriend and you feel awkward because your hair smells like hot pot as well. To prevent this situation, all you need is a hair mist to solve the problem. Here are 5 best hair perfumes, which we recommend to our readers, hope you enjoy!

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A Salon that Changes the World- ANATTĀ Salon

While communicates with others, normally, namely, certain effect will occur. As a human being, our life completes only when we have an interaction, understanding and caring to others. ANATTĀ Salon, a salon, which believes this faith, is dedicated in concerning their customer via professional hair styling technique and love to this world. Before entering the salon, you can see campaign such as anti-nuclear and care for the needs posted on their wall. There will be a chubby cat greeting you once you open ANATTĀ Salon’s revolving door, afterwards, you can see a variety of slogans and posters related to public welfare were stuck on the wall.

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CUBEX Salon- An Exclusive and Creative Salon

Taipei’s east district has always been the most competitive area of hair salon, CUBEX salon; a salon established for merely 2 years has appealed a high reputation among celebrities and normal customer. All the fame CUBEX gained can be attributed to their powerful designer team; they are talented in discovering one’s characteristic and enhance it. Moreover, abide by their philosophy is the crucial factor for CUBEX’s success.

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