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“StyleUp— Booking Salon Service” is a platform making you become more beautiful. According customers’ need, we provide you our special service including 24 hours online-booking system of hair salons, makeup, bridal makeup, manicure shops, tattoo stores, embroidery services. Just a touch, you can find hair stylist/makeup artist/Bridal  makeup artist/manicurist/Tattoo Artist /Permanent Make-up Artist.StyleUp can provide you:

24 hours online reservation

You can book online directly through the App, and all the reservation is been worked by the cloud operating system. The designers will receive your orders immediately and save the times.


StyleUp–A app for reserving your Fashion

24 Hours reservation

Your Own Stylist

Hair salons/makeup artist/ bridal makeup artist/ Manicure shops/

tattoo stores/embroidery services

Diversified services

We offer various category of service, including hair salons, makeup, bridal makeup, Manicure shops, tattoo stores, embroidery services and so on. No matter men or women, we can make you more fashionable.

Browsing the designers’ modeling, works, resume clearly

You can browse the designer’s resume and works on the app to get a quick understand to them. At the same time, you can directly contact the designer who you prefer, and communicate to each other what the style you want. It will become easy for you to contact with the designer who work for the celebrities.

StyleUp–A app for reserving your Fashion

24 Hours reservation

Your Own Stylist

With Evaluations and recommendations to remove the hesitation

We have an evaluation system can make users review designers’ evaluation and remove the hesitation before booking. Users can also evaluate the designers and give their favorite one a positive evaluation.

The reservation form is updated at any time

As long as you make a reservation, we will update your personal reservation form for you, recording each of your booking therefore you will know every appointment clearly and easily.

StyleUp–A app for reserving your Fashion

24 Hours reservation

Your Own Stylist

Price transparency


Every designer will provide a price on the app clearly and the service is transparent. In addition, all the reservations will be adopted credit card online payment in order to avoid cash transactions problems. Being fashionable is easy!  

Now, download the “StyleUp— Booking Salon Service” app and sign up.You will have professional service!


Translated by Lilian Yang

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