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Choosing a good salon and hair stylist is the most important thing when you are after a haircut. StyleUp collects salons from all over Taiwan such as Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung for you to book directly on StyleUp App!

Completed Profiles of Every Hair stylist Allow You To Get To Know Them Fast

Most of the hair stylists start as assistants which takes them about one and half to two years before advancing to a hair stylist. And the year of experience as well as the training system can be considered.

In addition, the hair stylist has extensive customer base from the people to magazine, TV and movies. You can also choose from this aspect which at the same time, affecting the price.

The detailed profile of every hair stylist is listed on StyleUp App for you to browse and get to know them fast.

Collect the positive and negative feedback to avoid preconception

You must search for feedback for the hair stylist. Besides checking the stars on Fanpage, you need to evaluate from many aspects such as the environment, techniques, service and hygiene.

However, everyone has different experience of styling, don’t hold preconceived ideas, or you might miss the right hair stylist!

We provide ratings & reviews on StyleUp App; so you can not only read the reviews for the hair stylists but also rate and give feedback for who you like.

Browse the Portfolio To Find Out What You Need

Browse the Portfolio To Find Out What You Need

Checking out the portfolio is the direct way to know the hair stylist. You can choose from what style you desire.

For example, you want to have your hair dyed, you can check the color and details from the work of the hair stylist.

You can browse the portfolio the hair stylist upload in StyleUp App which is very convenient.

You can browse the portfolio the hair stylist upload in StyleUp App which is very convenient.

StyleUp App allows you to choose the most suitable hair stylist for you by the three key points above. You can obtain the information about the location and schedule of the hairstylist so you can make an appointment immediately. We break the old pattern and make it easier for you to book for styling while having a brand new experience!


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